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  • Qualify: 100% human hair combined it with the safest and easiest extension system available.
  • Easy Application: applied without glue, heat, sewing or braiding.
  • Easy Take-down: at a fraction of the time of regular extensions without hair damage or chemicals.
  • Safe and Worry free: safe for all hair types so you are free to color, perm and wear your favorite styles-even use hot tools without concern.
  • Value: Hairlocs extension hair is re-usable over and over again compared to other systems, so you save money.

The Future of Hair Extensions is Here!

Hairlocs is the safest HAIR EXTENSION METHOD for ALL HAIR TYPES that does not use glue, heat, chemicals, sewing or braiding. You can also use this method to attach other hair pieces such as wefts and custom fitted pieces.This "time-tested" method, combined with the owners 35 years of experience in the wig making industry, insures you with exclusive relationships with vendors supplying Hairlocs with quality "100% full cuticle" human hair from Spain, Russia and Italy. Hairlocs the leading Hair Extension option on the market today.

Because the Hairlocs Extension System is individually matched and custom blended, prices can not be quoted over the phone. However, please call and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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